A Go Anywhere System
In addition to providing full-service through CATS testing centers, SilverCATS® can be installed at various locations by test sponsors who have the ability and desire to manage and control their own test center network. A test sponsor can use CATS locations, or use its own test sites -- wherever that may be! SilverCATS® is uniquely developed to be non-specific to any testing location and can be exported anywhere by any user!

We'll fit around your structure
SilverCATS® is unique because it is designed for either test stations at sponsor locations or test stations at CATS locations.

Centralized Scheduling
SilverCATS® provides accurate (up to the minute) scheduling information for testing centers and applicants.

Maximum Flexibility
SilverCATS® gives you the ability to separate components and utilize only those that you need. SilverCATS® also allows you to manage the number of seats and hours for your testing center in order to ensure the best possible customer service.